Signs that Your Cats are Friends

Actually I have never thought about having two cats. I always had just one adorable king. When my Blackie went to the rainbow I said never ever again I will have another cat.

Three years later here we go, Penguin and Panda, a brother and a sister, jumped into my life and have stolen my heart.

So, I am just learning how to live with two in one apartment 🙂 and I really have started to think that adding one of these irresistible cuties to your household can be an absolute bliss for your solo cat. The new cat company might be exactly what they were secretly wishing for.

When I had Blackie, I was a bit scared to find another cat to keep him a company, but this time I had no choice, I have got two at once.

Cats have a fascinating social structure. In nature, they can live alone or in groups, but they do hunt alone. Experts call them solitary hunters.
Since cats don’t depend on each other for food, they can be choosey about the company that they keep.

How can you tell if your cats are getting along? This was the question I was asking myself observing my two little monsters.

I think these are quite good signs which can tell that your cats love each other:

  • Cats which go along well with each other rub their bodies and faces. Cats have glands that contain pheromones, rubbing their faces together co-mingles these pheromones and creates contentment between bonded cats.
  • Cats that feel safe and comfortable with one another will rest or sleep cuddled up together. So nice for them to feel warmth, and so adorable for us to watch.
  • Cats that enjoy each others company will stand or walk next to each other and intertwine their tails. This may be another way of co-mingling pheromones.
  • Cats that know each other well and have a good relationship can romp and roughhouse without taking things too far. This sort of play between cats is great for exercise as well as for bonding.
  • Allogrooming. While one of the main forms of communication between humans is oral speech, animals don’t ‘talk’ to each other the way we do. For many animals, grooming is a primary form of communication. Allogrooming, in particular, refers to reciprocal grooming between members of the same species and is an important form of interaction. Socially, allogrooming helps establish and maintain relationships between the animals. So, cats that are bonded will lick and groom each other. Friends that groom together, stick together. 🙂

How many cats have you got? Do you know more signs to share? 😉

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