How to Choose the Best Safe And Stable Cat Trees For Your Cats

A cat tree (also referred to as a cat tree house, cat condo, kitty condo, cat stand, cat post “catbox” or cat tower) is an artificial structure for a cat to play, exercise, relax and sleep on. Cat trees vary in height and complexity. While most cats seem to prefer tall cat trees, there are some which prefer options with a shelter, which may be at any height of the structure. Cat trees are meant to offer cats a sense of security, by creating interactive and secluded areas that are only used by them.

Cats are born climbers and scratchers. They love to climb and they love to scratch. So, in order to keep your little furry friends away from your furniture, it is better to consider a cat tree. It will provide lots of fun and excercise for them and a peace for you.

There are so many different types of cat towers available today. Conventional cat tree designs are of a floor based solid structure with square shaped sheets of particle board (as platforms, boxes and enclosed structures) combined with wooden studs and planks (used as elevators and/or stairs), with exteriors and interiors typically covered with carpet. Elevators are also frequently covered with an abrasive materials (sisal rope being the most common), intended to inducing cats to scratch in those areas and reduce overall wear of the structure. The levels offer cats anything from bedding and shelter to exercise and play.

More recently, specialized alternatives have emerged, offering improved function for cats. These alternative designs include wall mounted pieces and sets, as well as ergonomic designs and geometries that contour to feline anatomy. Some designs even simulate the shape and appearance of real trees. Soft textiles and heavy weight fabrics have also replaced abrasive carpet in some of the more luxury-themed designs.

Factors to consider when choosing the best cat tower

You know your cat the best, so it should be no problem to find the best cat tree for him or her or even them :), but there are some essential factors you need to pay close attention to for the best experience.

  • How many cats you have, and how big your cats are

If you own multiple cats, you’ll want a larger multi-platform cat tree with several cat houses, cubbyholes, ramps, and scratching areas.

  • How much space you have for a cat tree

Our furry buddies love looking out from a high point. Keeping that in mind still when picking a cat tree make sure to look at the measurements. Some cat trees can stand up to 90 inches in height. If you have low ceilings double-check it will fit. We have got a tall cat tree but now we are worried about our stretch ceiling, because our Penguin is trying to reach it with his paws standing up on the highest level. You want your cat to have enough room to move around and play. You also don’t want a model that takes a considerable area of your house, so make sure the cat condo fits in a corner at least, so it does not wiggle around or even falls over.

  • Your budget

Cat trees vary in price from $20-$400 or more, and with so many shapes and sizes available, you’re sure to find one that fits your requirements.

  • What type of style you’d like in your house, design-wise.

You will be looking at your cat tree every day, so make sure you like how it looks too 🙂

  • How stable the cat tree is

Stability of the tree house is an essential factor to consider when buying the best tree house for your cat. You don’t want a cat tower that moves when your larger cats are having fun. Go for a model designed with wider bottoms and anti-toppling grips. You can also check the models designed with a flat back, so they sit flush to the wall.

  • Durability (materials)

Your cats will use their treehouse every day. Durability should be an essential factor to consider when buying the best cat tree house. Double check the materials to make sure they are durable enough. Sisal-covered poles are excellent for scratching, and plywood also holds up well.

  • Special features

Make sure your cat will have enough places to play and hide. The levels of the cat tree should be large and strong enough to support your furry friend. There should be enough of such levels, especially if you have several cats. Some cat trees include interactive toys, a hammock, boxes or tunnels. These addons will help to keep your cats active and will help them have more fun for sure, but as for me I think these are not durable enough and usually are off in a blink of a cat eye 🙂 For my two cats I have been looking for a cat tree which would have several cat houses, perches, lots of thick sisal rope wrapped scratching posts and a ladder. Don’t forget to check the mesurments of the cat condos, as some of them might be too small for the large cats.

  • Assembly

Nearly all of the cat tree models come in pieces that you have to put together on your own. Make sure this process is quick and easy. For the most part, they are all very simple to assemble and will typically come with a set of easy to follow instructions and the tools required. It took us maybe 15-20 mins to put our cat tree together.

All these factors should help you find a cat tree to suit your pet’s unique needs. Better spend some time to choose and read reviews from the customers in order to make the right choice. There are many quality brands and cat trees available today, so for sure you will find what you are looking for.

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